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What We Love About Our Principal Partner

dsm-firmenich capitalizes on its more than 40 years of expertise in skin biology to translate scientific findings into tangible consumer benefits in many areas of skin care. Today dsm-firmenich’s broad portfolio of skin actives and bioactive skin care ingredients includes synthetic peptides, organically grown plant extracts and other natural ingredients for cosmetic applications.

DSM Personal Care
DSM Sustainability

Sustainability at dsm-firmenich: Taking Action for a Brighter Future

Through a strategy based on tangible action, and driven by dsm-firmenich’s overall corporate sustainability goals, dsm-firmenich is working to build sustainable practices into the foundations of everything they do. Their approach targets all aspects of the business – from product development and manufacturing, to the way they work with suppliers and engage with local communities.

At product level, they provide clear information about the social and environmental footprint of our ingredients, their traceability and any applicable eco-certifications. And through sustainable innovation, from biotechnology to more eco-friendly suncare, dsm-firmenich also hope to inspire conversation and overall change within the personal care industry.