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Confectionery Formulations

Whether it’s an elevation of a classic recipe like the Chocolate Bonbon or adding a functional twist to the beloved Gummy Bear, confections should hit the sweet spot. Explore our unique formulation samples which highlight specialty ingredients for confection perfection.

Immunity Gummies

 Ingredients  Percentage
 1Liquid GOFOS  34.64%
1GOFOS™ Powder  30.48%
 Water (1)  11.91%
 Water (2)  11.83%
 250 Bloom Gelatin  5.00%
 Erythritol  2.98%
 Citric Acid (50%)  1.75%
 Natural Color  1.00%
 Flavor  0.30%
 Vitamin D3  0.05%
 2Nutramunity™ Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan  0.05%
 3Zinc ascorbate  0.02%
Total 100%


 1Manufactured by Galam LTD
2Manufactured by Algalif Iceland ehf.
3Manufactured by Innophos
1. Allow Gelatin to swell in Water 1 for 1 hour. Heat slowly in hot water bath to dissolve
2. Boil GOFOS™ Powder, Erythritol and GOFOS™ liquid, and Water 2 to 241°F and cool to 212°F
3. Add Gelatin Solution and stir
4. Allow to cool to 176°F
5. Add acid, flavor and color. Mix thoroughly6. Add vitamins and Beta 1,3-1/6 Glucan
7. Deposit in molds oiled with MasterCoat® AS-UL75
8. When set, oil with MasterCoat® AS-FC300

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Chocolate Bonbons

 Ingredients  Percentage
 Dark Chocolate  52.4219%
 Fresh Cream 35%  33.500%
 Butter  7.5000%
 Invert Syrup  3.0000%
 1GOFOS powder  2.0000%
 Erythritol  1.0000%
 Mojito Flavor  0.5000%
 2Bacopa Extract 45%  0.0300%
 3Calcium Gluconate  0.0200%
 4Chelmax® Magnesium Glycinate  0.0200%
 4Zinc Ascorbate  0.0050%
Niacinamide UPS (Vit B3) 0.0010%
Pyridoxine HCL USP (Vit B6) 0.0010%
Riboflavin USP (Vit B2) 0.0010%
Methylcabolamin1% on DCP (Vit B 12) 0.0001%
1Manufactured by Galam LTD
2Manufactured by Schwabe India
3Manufactured by Global Calcium
4Manufacutred by Innophos
1. Heat cream and invert to 175°F. Pour heated cream into chocolate and mix well.
2. Add butter to ganache when it reaches 95°-100°F. Mix well to make smooth and homogeneous filling, avoiding air incorporation.
3. Add remaining ingredients. Cool, and deposit into chocolate shells or enrobe.
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