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About MasterCoat®

The MasterCoat® product line made in North America, which encompasses polishes, glazes and surface treatment agents to be applied to confectionery, snack foods and bakery products. Bringing its technical expertise to assist in any products where barrier coatings, pre-coating agents, chocolate polishes, confectionery glazes, anti-sticking agents and special delivery systems for Candurin® and other effect pigments may be used.

The MasterCoat® polish line contains many clean-label alternatives, including non-GMO, preservative free and sugar free. Offering various grades of shellac, as well as shellac alternatives for the vegan and clean label market. Gummy mold release and oiling agents are available in a variety of formulations developed to meet regulatory and consumer preferences.


US-Based Laboratory

We work on customer-specific projects as well as the development of new and innovative products. This enables us to be an extension of our customers’ developmental efforts as well as quick turnaround for customized formulations. We welcome the opportunity to hear from the industry to assist with your developmental efforts as well as assistance with the fine products we offer.