An organization compiled of technical specialists, strategists, and industry leaders to be the elite technical solution provider.

LBB Specialties

Darren J. Birkelbach Headshot

Darren J. Birkelbach

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Lang Headshot

Jay Lang

Executive Vice President, Strategic Business Development

Leadership Team

Maryellen Meehan Headshot

Maryellen Meehan

Vice President, Human Resources

Terry Lee-Smith Headshot

Terry Lee-Smith

Senior Vice President, Operations

Nicole Serafin Headshot

Nicole Serafin

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Emanoel DaSilva Headshot

Emanoel DaSilva

Vice President, National Sales

Kruti Shah Headshot

Kruti Shah

Vice President, Personal Care

Sean Warnock Headshot

Sean Warnock

Vice President, Food & Nutrition

Panos Yannopoulos Headshot

Panos Yannopoulos

Vice President, Advanced Materials

Troy Austin Headshot

Troy Austin

Vice President, Life Sciences

Courtney Flood Headshot

Courtney Flood

Vice President, Marketing