May 21, 2021

LBB Specialties Announces Agreement with Caltron Clays

LBB Specialties Announces Agreement with Caltron Clays

Norwalk, CT, May 19, 2021 LBB Specialties (LBBS), a leader in North American specialty chemicals and ingredients distribution, announced it has entered into an agreement with Caltron Clays, a global supplier of natural cosmetic & health ingredients.  The agreement is another step toward rounding out LBBS’ business portfolio, and it provides a vehicle for Caltron to accelerate its own company growth strategy. 

“We are pleased to announce our agreement with Caltron Clays,” says Darren J. Birkelbach, CEO of LBB Specialties.  “Demand for authentic, high-quality ingredients is growing at an unprecedented rate, and Personal Care products are an important part of our business portfolio.  Caltron has an excellent track record of providing quality ingredients essential to the industry, and we know they will deliver on quality and reliability for LBBS customers.”

As demand for Vegan and naturally-derived products increases, ingredients provided by Caltron are important for LBBS’ dominance in the Personal Care industry.  Ingredients like Kaolin, Diatomaceous earth, and Bentonite clay provide alternatives to Talc in Personal Care products. 


Caltron’s ingredients will drive growth in LBBS’ largest subvertical, Skin Care, with the intention of offering a fully comprehensive portfolio of core chemical functionalities for Personal Care formulations, including toiletries, soaps, lotions, face masks, sun care, and oral care.  Caltron also will provide ingredients such as algae-derived calcium carbonates (AlgacalTM) as well as oyster shell-derived calcium carbonates (MarincalTM) for the Food & Nutrition category of LBB Specialties’ business.


“Since its founding in 2000, Caltron has been committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers,” says Mr. S.N. JAIN, Chairman and Managing Director of Caltron Group.  “LBB Specialties has a robust network, professionally managed workforce, and rich experience in the field of food, nutritional, and personal care ingredients.  This association will help us establish a strong foothold in the USA as part of our strategic growth vision.”


Equally important is the exhaustive list of quality certifications earned by Caltron, including ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22716, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, VEGAN, ECOCERT ORGANIC, COSMOS, SMETA 4 pillar, WHO-GMP compliant, and DUNS verified company.  Says Birkelbach: “Caltron provides a workhorse multi-category product that is high-quality, reliable, and continues to move LBB Specialties toward more sustainable sources.” 

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