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Doug Kercher

Doug Kercher

Chief Operating Officer

Doug is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the chemical industry, serving as the Chief Operating Officer at LBB Specialties. With a comprehensive understanding of various areas within the industry, including engineering, manufacturing management, plant management, sales and marketing management, business directorship, and senior vice presidency of corporate operations, Doug brings a wealth of expertise in operations and sales management. His diverse background allows him to effectively manage and align operational and commercial strategies for optimal business performance. 

Prior to joining LBB Specialties, Doug was a valued member of the senior leadership team at Azelis, where he played a pivotal role in driving the company’s success.  

Doug holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, equipping him with a strong foundation in business management principles. Additionally, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State, providing him with a technical understanding of the industry. 

As a member of the C-Suite, Doug is dedicated to leading and driving the strategic direction of the company’s operations. He is committed to optimizing efficiency, streamlining processes, and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. With his strong leadership skills and business acumen, Doug plays a critical role in achieving the company’s goals and objectives. 

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