Shared Vision, Smart Growth

Through a commercially strategic and operationally sound supply chain, LBB Specialties provides high quality specialty chemicals from diverse principal partners to foster sustainable growth and efficiency.
LBBS is focused on technical innovation, sound operations, and long-term growth in specialty chemicals and ingredients distribution for Personal Care, Food & Nutrition, Life Sciences and Advanced Materials.
LBB Specialties’ collaborative partnerships, market expertise, and scalable model enables direct, agile penetration in diverse markets.

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flexibility and entrepreneurial


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A Focused, Strategic Partner

LBB Specialties is ideally positioned for business developers of chemical manufacturers seeking strategic distributor partnerships or distributors in need of investment, LBB Specialties provides a sound platform and operating structure for growth due to our broad reach and solid brand reputations.

Building an Industry Leader

4th Largest Dedicated Specialty Chemical Distributor in North America*

Through our scaled industry leading specialty chemical and ingredients distribution platform, LBB Specialties has been able to rank as the fourth largest dedicated specialty chemical distributor in North America.* By leveraging our attractive commercial profile, LBB Specialties revenue has grown since our initial acquisition in 2017. With the North American specialty chemical and ingredient distribution industry growing, LBB Specialties is dedicated to exceeding expectations in order to become the preferred technical and marketing solutions provider.

*Based on adjusted 2021 ICIS Top 100 NA Distributor data

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