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Centerchem was founded in 1948 from European roots established in 1878. The first US office was located on Park Avenue in New York, NY. Over the years, Centerchem was located in Tarrytown, NY and Stamford CT, before moving to Norwalk, CT. Centerchem became a leading international marketer of unique functional products for use in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical ingredients, flavors, and fine chemical industries.

Representing a broad range of domestic and international companies for many years, Centerchem’s dedication to maintaining high-quality support for its customers within all its diverse business areas has been one of Centerchem’s many strengths.

With the company’s own internal technical market research and promotional expertise, its strategically located inventory points, and thorough knowledge of transportation regulations, Centerchem is a leader in its field.

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601 Merritt 7, 1st Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851

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