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What We Love About Our Principal Partner

Innophos has a long history, dating back to the early 1900s. Today, Innophos’ passion is to manufacture essential ingredients, chelated minerals and innovative specialty phosphates to improve quality of life. Forward-thinking and people-centric at heart, Innophos aims to create value in everything they do. Versatile by nature, Innophos maintains a flexible business model and a diverse organization, so they can continuously adapt as the phosphate, ingredient and nutrition markets evolve. With reliability and quality at their core, Innophos executes with precision and efficiency to get the job done.

A global leader in food and beverage ingredients including phosphates, minerals, and more. Innophos’ passion is to partner with manufacturers formulating food and beverage products that meet consumer needs. They stay ahead of consumer trends to enhance your products with essential ingredients to improve nutrition, taste, and texture.

Innophos Sustainability


Innophos is dedicated to the protection of the natural environment through environmentally responsible management strategies and long-term business plans. Their approach to sustainable manufacturing processes minimize air emissions and limit pollutant discharges via water and waste streams.

Innophos is committed to conducting our operations in accordance with all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations, and to engaging with industry and public stakeholders to continuously improve our environmental and sustainability performance.

Innophos expects suppliers to conduct their respective operations in accordance with all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations.