Logo for: LBB Specialties


At LBB Specialties, we focus on quality, innovation, and responsiveness to help facilitate a deep relationship with customers to fulfill their needs. We provide a source of distinct advantages to the industry through our carefully selected product portfolios, market expertise, and our commercially strategic and operationally sound practices.

Our Mission

To deliver outstanding service as the preferred partner to our principals, and as a technical solutions provider to our customers.

Guiding Principles

  • ACCOUNTABILITY. We take Ownership for our Actions, Behavior, Decisions, and Performance.
  • COLLABORATION. We foster an Enthusiastic, Cohesive and Team-Oriented work environment.
  • EMPOWERMENT. We Empower Team Members to make the right Decisions given the Information at hand.
  • INTEGRITY. We are Trustworthy, Incorruptible, Truthful and Honest.
  • RESILIENCE. We Pivot, Adapt, and develop Innovative Solutions in response to challenges.
  • RESPECT. We display Civility, Empathy and Trust, where all perspectives are valued.
  • RESPONSIVENESS. We are Nimble and React rapidly with purpose.
  • TRANSPARENCY. Our organization is built around Direct and Clear communication at all levels.