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What We Love About Our Principal Partner

Oat Cosmetics research, develop and supply natural ingredients, derived mainly from oats, for the beauty and personal care market. All of their ingredients are produced to the highest standards, using modern, sustainable farming practices to ensure full traceability from field to face. Oat Cosmetics are a trusted source with sustainable supply. Their ECOCERT natural and organic oat ingredients are easily incorporated into, and will enhance, your cosmetic formulation. Their ingredients are available globally and uphold the highest quality, no matter which country we are serving.

Oat Cosmetics


Oat Cosmetics Sustainability


Oat Cosmetics take a green approach to produce natural, traceable ingredients which are supported by research and innovation. They work closely with their suppliers and consider them their knowledge partners in developing transparent, sustainable, and short-chain supply logistics for our ingredients. Oat Cosmetics is passionate about supporting their local community together with the broader nation and take pride in helping the communities in which they operate in to become better places. Through their work and additional activities, they endeavor to assist and support the valuable causes, talent, and institutions on our doorstep.