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What We Love About Our Principal Partner

Venator is a leading global manufacturer of specialty chemicals, additives, and pigments such as Titanium Dioxide. Venator is based in the United Kingdom and operates production sites across the globe, including one of the largest production facilities for Titanium Dioxide based in Germany.



Sustainability is part of Venator business strategy and it’s integrated into everything they do.

Venator’s strategy has four pillars – people, products, planet, and performance – and in each area they have specific projects to move their business forward. They are working hard to lower our carbon footprint and have been doing so since 2016, long before this was ‘popular’.

One of the keys to Venator success will be how they harness the energy and creativity of their people, who are deeply committed to the concept of sustainability and are actively seeking ways in which they can contribute their talents and expertise to help solve some of the challenges we see in the world around us.