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Jay S. Lang, President, Charkit Chemical Company of Norwalk, CT, a subsidiary of LBB Specialties LLC, announced that Charkit has acquired Custom Ingredients, a manufacturer of specialty ingredients, and CA Specialities, a South Carolina-based distributor of ingredients in the personal care market.

Founded by Cathy Ayer Clark in 1987, CA Specialties serves a select group of chemical companies to provide distribution and sales support to personal care customers through the Southeastern US.

In 1995, the company expanded its offerings by establishing a second company, Custom Ingredients. By 1999, the company expanded further and moved to its present facility in Chester, South Carolina.

Under the tradename CustoBlend®, specialty concentrates allow formulators to incorporate more ingredients, without the complexity of manufacturing and stocking multiple items. Most allow the formulator to cold-blend ingredients, which speeds up manufacturing and lowers production cost. Committed to the development of specialty chemical concentrates, high-quality natural oils, polymers and extracts, Custom Ingredients tailors its products to customer needs and to ensure optimal performance and superior batch-to-batch consistency.

Cathy Ayer Clark will continue to lead her organizations as President, reporting to Mr. Lang. Commented Mr. Lang, “Cathy has built an exceptional business over the past three decades. I look forward to partnering with Cathy as we grow both businesses to support our suppliers’ and customers’ current and future needs.”

Adds Ms. Clark, “Charkit represents the ideal partner for Custom Ingredients. Our organizations are complementary and will support each other’s growth. With long-term vision and increased access to markets and capital, I’m delighted to partner with Jay and the Charkit/LBB Specialties team as we grow forward together.”

Charles Hinnant, CEO and President of LBB Specialties, adds, “This acquisition further demonstrates how our expansion forms the cornerstone of the LBB Specialties growth strategy. We are looking for companies that would fall into the ‘tuck-in’ category (up to $50m), as well as larger businesses in the range of $100m which would become platform companies along with Charkit and AIC. Of particular interest are companies with a large brand identity and owners who are not quite ready to retire and want to manage the growth of their individual brands under the auspices of LBBS.”

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