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Norwalk, CT – LBB Specialties (LBBS), a leader in specialty chemicals and ingredients distribution in North America, is building on the legacy brands it has acquired since 2017 – Charkit, Custom Ingredients, American International Chemical, Dien, Custom Chemical Services, Centerchem, Debro – by restructuring its go-to-market strategy as LBB Specialties through five industry verticals: Care, Food & Nutrition, Industrial Specialties, Life Sciences, and LBBS Canada.

The move to consolidate business divisions under one brand builds on a platform reaching over 4000 active customers with comprehensive coverage across the US and Canada. It also standardizes LBB Specialties’ customer experience across all legacy divisions, delivering on its mission to provide outstanding service as the preferred partner to principals, and to be a technical solutions provider to customers.

LBBS is renaming Personal Care to Care, Advanced Materials to Industrial Specialties, and Debro to LBBS Canada; these changes are designed to better represent the company’s technical insights-driven end-market strengths and offerings. Each vertical includes dedicated sales, marketing, and technical support teams.

The new brand approach reflects a commitment to consumer-focused thought leadership and a dedication to distribution of key and critical raw materials with minimal overlapping chemistries in its exclusive product portfolio.

“LBBS is excited about this reorganization for the benefit of our customers and our company. Not only will it provide a better experience when navigating our services, but it also raises awareness of our values and mission as an organization,” said Hank DeWolf, President and CEO of LBBS.

The rebranding is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. All divisions are wholly owned subsidiaries of LBBS, and the company states existing contracts and agreements will be unaffected.

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