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Chris Nork

Senior Vice President, Care

Christopher Nork brings a wealth of experience in commercial growth strategies to his role as Senior Vice President of Care at LBB Specialties. Before joining LBB Specialties, he served as the Managing Director for Personal Care, Color Cosmetics, and HI&I at Azelis Americas Company, where he successfully led commercial growth strategies. 

Throughout his career, Christopher has held various sales leadership and business management roles at Azelis and DeWolf, two prominent companies in the chemical distribution industry. He has also gained valuable experience in sales and operations management through his roles at Varsal, Victor Holdings LLC, and ClaimStar Inc. 

Christopher holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and Spanish from LaSalle University, Leadership Certification at Duke, Fuqua School of Business, and is currently enrolled in the Chief Marketing Officer Program at Colombia University. 

With his extensive industry experience, strong leadership skills, passion for the industry, and customer-centric approach, Christopher is dedicated to establishing, implementing, and executing the business and commercial strategy for the Care vertical. This includes developing and nurturing key customer relationships, identifying growth opportunities, and driving revenue growth. His expertise will enable the company to capitalize on market opportunities and establish itself as a trusted partner in the Care sector. 

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