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Jay Lang

Executive Vice President, Strategic Business Development

Jay Lang is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Development at LBB Specialties, with over 35 of experience in the industry. Jay brings a wealth of experience in sales and leadership, leading to critical achievements in making Charkit (Acquired by LBB Specialties in 2017) an ICIS Top 100 Distributor, where he served as an Executive Vice president and then as a President. 

Prior to that, Jay held positions in prestigious companies within the industry. He started his career in sales with producers such as Penreco (now Calumet) and Mallinckrodt (now Avantor). Through these experiences, Jay learned the importance of the customer and the supplier, gaining valuable insight into building successful relationships. 

In addition to his hands-on industry experience, Jay has a solid educational background. He earned his BA in Organizational Communication from “The Ohio State University.” He completed several Executive Management Programs at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Harvard Business School Executive Education. 

Jay fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment as a leadership team member. He believes in allowing every team member to thrive and contribute to the company’s success. With his extensive industry knowledge and leadership skills, Jay plays a vital role in driving LBB Specialties’ growth and maintaining its position as a top distributor in the industry. 

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