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Nicole Serafin

Nicole Serafin

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Nicole Serafin is the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at LBB Specialties. She joined Charkit (A company that was acquired by LBB Specialties in 2017) in 2011 as Regulatory Manager—then promoted to Regulatory Affairs Director in 2017. Nicole was asked to expand her responsibilities to lead the Regulatory and quality teams in all the divisions acquired by LBB Specialties later, which allowed her to streamline regulatory processes and ensure consistency across the organization. Her dedication and contributions led to her current position as the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for LBB Specialties. 

Before joining LBB Specialties, Nicole worked as a biochemist with Pfizer’s Specialty and Biotech division. Her experience in the pharmaceutical industry provided her with a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and the importance of compliance. Nicole’s previous roles at Regeneron and Purdue Pharma further solidified her expertise in regulatory affairs and quality management. 

Additionally, Nicole serves on the NACD Government Policy and Advocacy Committee, demonstrating her commitment to staying informed about industry regulations and actively participating in shaping government policies for the chemical distribution sector. 

As the Regulatory Affairs Vice President, she oversees all aspects of regulatory compliance domestically and internationally. Her strategic approach and attention to detail contribute to the company’s successful navigation of complex regulatory landscapes. 

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