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The interest in marine-derived beauty continues to ramp up, so join the movement and reap the benefits of algae and other marine derived ingredients! Algae acts as a humectant that helps attract water in skin absorption, providing moisturization and hydration benefits. Packed with a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, algae is excellent for skincare that focuses on well-aging, skin brightening, and soothing.

Fun fact: We all know that oceans cover more than 70% of the world’s surface and are home to various habitats and, sometimes, extreme environments! These environmental factors make what grows in the ocean a valuable source of unique chemical compounds and benefits.

Did you know? Algae comes in a rainbow of colors! It can be green (cholorphylls), red, orange, yellow, amber, brown (Caretenoids) or iridescent red blue (Phycobilins)!

Per Pinterest: Searches for “green algae” increased by 60%, while interest in the “benefits of chlorophyll water” rose 35%. Now there’s a different take on Vitamin water!

Don’t just look for “algae” on the label. Many times, the ingredient will be listed as spirulina, seaweed, or kelp on the product and comes as extracts of other species of algae such as furaceae, fucus vesiculosus, enteromorpha compressor and many other species.

Marine Derived Beauty Trend